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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an inherent ability to heal itself in an organized and intelligent way. This principle forms the basis of naturopathic medicine as a comprehensive approach to healthcare, which blends modern scientific research with natural treatments to support and stimulate the body's innate healing processes. Naturopathic doctors focus on identifying and eliminating barriers to this inherent healing capacity.

Naturopathic treatments aim at addressing the root causes of disease or illness, instead of only suppressing symptoms. Naturopathic doctors follow a holistic approach, and understand that each person, and their path to healing is unique. Most importantly, they empower their patients with tools and knowledge for sustained health.

Naturopathic doctors are committed to collaboration with other healthcare professionals to ensure an integrated approach to patient care, and to achieve optimal health outcomes.

As a final point, naturopathic medicine acknowledges the interconnectedness of all elements of nature at the centre of its philosophy ; therefore, naturopathic doctors are dedicated to preserving the health of their patients, as well as the planet.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors worldwide share these common principles to guide their practice:

  1. ​Harmless treatment by using most natural, and least invasive treatment plans, and appropriate referrals

  2. Supporting the natural healing power of the body by removing the barriers to the healing process

  3. Identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an illness, rather than merely suppressing its symptoms

  4. Providing health eduction to enhance individuals' understanding of their illness, as well as self-care, and to empower them to take charge of and sustain their wellbeing

  5. Holistic approach and understanding the interconnectedness of body, mind, behaviours, and spiritual aspects of individuals, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors, while recognizing the uniqueness of each person

  6. Prevention of illness by maintaining balance between mind, body, and environment, which is more effective than treating a condition after arising

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